We strongly believe that anything that we do has to be done responsibly. We care about the environment and even though it is not easy to be fully green in a textile industry we do all we can to minimise carbon footprint at all stages of our activity – from design to manufacturing. 


For that reason, most of our collections are crafted from high quality natural fabrics such as linen and cotton. Natural fabrics have relatively small carbon footprint as they are more environmentally friendly to manufacture than most synthetic fabrics and they can be degraded by micro-organisms and composted, so they improve soil structure. We also use renowned Kvadrat fabrics as they are of superb quality and extremely durable, so they will serve you for a long time thus limiting the amount of waste.

We do not do prints on our fabrics. All patterns are achieved by either weaving high quality yarn into beautiful jacquard designs or by combining various fabrics into patchwork or applique to play with various textures for fabulous results. This way we limit the amount of dyes and chemicals used.


We only work with established and aware partners who use the best materials and manufacturing technologies, so they can provide exceptional craftmanship and operate at the minimal possible level of environmental impact. All fabrics used in our products are fully certified and manufactured responsibly.