Sustainability Approach


We believe that taking care of the environment is our responsibility.

In fact, one of the core reasons laatka was created was to offer an alternative to mass-produced furniture that cannot be refurbished, reused, or recycled due to the poor quality of materials they are made of. We base our philosophy around circular economy. Our tables are made from locally sourced FSC certified hardwood only and we do not mix materials. An oak table will have all elements made from that oak, even the hidden parts. Our tables are finished with natural oils, which are eco-friendly and create a luxury satin finish that highlights the beauty of natural wood. This type of finish also allows for the piece to be easily refreshed at home – it is enough to rub some oil in it once in

a while and every few years sand it lightly before oiling to have a brand new looking piece of furniture for many years to come. Our aim and biggest dream is to see laatka tables handed over to next generations, therefore we focus on timeless design, durability, superb craft and top quality responsibly sourced natural materials.