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adjustable height bookcase

laatka has partnered with Nowy Model foundation to bring to the UK market the revival of classic Polish design, a 1960’s bookcase designed by Prof. Rajmund Teofil Hałas, the founder and the Head of Industrial Design at the University of the Arts in Poznań.


Adjustable Height Bookcase is everything you want in a piece of furniture. It is truly timeless. The mid-century industrial design is as relevant now as ever and will continue to fit in any interior for decades. It is simple in its form, materials used and the way it is assembled. This incredibly functional and unique modular system of shelves is connected by stainless steel fastening bars in a way that allows different heights and configurations of the shelves both horizontally and vertically. Have a look at the manual to check some examples of set-up possibilities you have. The bookcase may be positioned by the wall or be free-standing, dividing the space. The materials chosen are stainless steel for fastening bars and oiled oak for shelves. The assembly does not require any screws or tools (only a mallet) and literally takes a few minutes. Sounds perfect? We agree 😊


This sophisticated and clever design is protected by European patent.

Adjustable Height Bookcase is an iconic timeless piece that is deserving of a permanent place on a list of all-time favourites.



£1325 (5 shelves)

£1799 (7 shelves)


simply drop us an email with your request, you can also call us:

075 27 27 50 27

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Professor Rajmund Teofil Hałas


Professor Hałas was a true trend-setter in mid-century Poland. His family had a long furniture making tradition and owned a successful furniture factory that was making and exporting furniture all over Europe, including grand houses of European royalty. The factory was taken away from the family by Nazis when Rajmund was a boy and never returned, but young Rajmund managed to find his way by promoting design in communist Poland and creating various organisations, his crown jewel was founding Industrial Design Department at the University of the Arts in Poznań.

Furniture designed by him has been serving for decades in many Polish houses. His original 60s pieces are now very precious, sought after collection items that are meticulously renovated. Due to the communist reality he lived in, many of his genius designs did not get to see the light of day during his lifetime.

Nowy Model foundation is doing an incredible job of finding buried treasures such as this bookcase and bringing them to the world. They honour the designers by making sure all the details are exactly how the creators intended them, and their families by offering generous sale commissions. At laatka we are passionate about design and therefore very proud and happy that we partnered with Nowy Model foundation to bring this amazing bookcase to British market.

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