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Oak is the king of all trees. The sacred tree of Druids has been the symbol of courage, power and wisdom. 


No wonder oak is a national tree of many countries, including England and USA. 
This strong, slow growing and long lived tree will withstand all adverse conditions and will resist time, just like the wood that is made of it. It is dense and water resistant, therefore used for ship building and whiskey barrels. 


The beautiful timeless colour and grain will make any object made with it look beautiful. 


Since it is one of the most loved hardwoods it is easily available and therefore not very expensive.

Oak sample (208mm x 148mm)

  • If you would like to consider making the order we can send a sample at £5 (we have many samples requests so we need to charge for them but if the sample is returned to us we will reimburse you). 

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