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Trio Cloud Grey throw on Norwegian Dark Grey Wool Armachair.

Our philosophy is quite simple. At laatka we select superb quality fabrics and materials to make beautiful home accessories. We make sure that our products are carefully crafted from natural fabrics by established and experienced craftsmen and manufacturers to provide you with products that are timeless and durable, so they can bring you joy for years to come.


The sharp and elegant look of our products is achieved with the combination of the fabulous textures and patterns and obsessive attention to detail during the manufacturing process. We make all our products in Europe to ensure that we can fully control and maintain high quality of both fabrics used and craftsmanship.


laatka’s products are designed with the user experience at heart. The luxurious soft fabrics will bring you much joy and comfort, while the designer look will add texture and character to many interior styles. We believe that when we are surrounded by beautiful objects that help us relax and please the eye we boost much needed positive energy. It is those little treats and indulgencies in everyday life that bring happiness and help us work better, love stronger and give more.

Trio Cloud Grey throw on Norwegian Dark Grey Wool Armachair.

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