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Our 100% cotton fabrics in simple and elegant patterns are of superb quality. They are fully certified and manufactured with obsessive attention to detail.


Only the finest yarns are used to weave the fabrics for delightful softness and durability.


The dyes used are carefully selected and the fabrics are not chemically treated in finishing process, therefore they are completely safe and even suitable for baby products.


These exquisitely well made fabrics will look and feel fabulous for a long time.

100% Cotton

Herringbone Pear Green throw.

Herringbone Pear Green throw.

White/Blue Steelcut and Yellow Tokio by Kvadrat on All Kvadrat Squares.

Kvadrat is a leading textiles manufacturer in Europe. The fabrics have been broadly used by world top furniture and interior designers for a range of products, from home accessories and upholstery to wall coverings and art installations. 

Kvadrat fabrics are created based on innovation and experimentation to the highest possible standards. They are extremely hard-wearing and superbly designed. These are some of the most beautiful and precious fabrics in the world.

Our cushions crafted from Kvadrat fabrics are not only fabulous but they will also last a very long time, that's why they are suitable for public spaces.

Kvadrat Fabrics

White/Blue Steelcut and Yellow Tokio by Kvadrat on All Kvadrat Squares.

At Laatka we use premium quality natural pure linen for our products. Linen is one of the oldest fabrics and was a precious commodity in the ancient times for a reason.

This beautiful fabric is hard-wearing and strong, while at the same time it is soft and pleasant.


As linen has hypoallergenic properties it is suitable for those cushions you want to nap on or hug. It is also biodegradable, which is a win-win for us, as we don't need to choose between a beautiful product an environment. 

Pure Linen

A sample of feather.

At laatka we pride ourselves at being one of the very few companies who give you a choice in the type of inner you would like to have with your cushion cover. You don't have to compromise anymore! To help you choose we are providing a short description below:


100% feather inner

This popular inner filling is natural, long-lasting and cost-efficient. The cushions with this inner are comfortable and soft. 


95% feather + 5% down inner

This inner has traditional feather filling with a little bit of fabulously fluffy pure down added for extra softness. Perfect if you want a touch of luxury at an affordable price.


100% down inner

This inner filling is ultimate luxury! It is heavenly soft and cosy!


Fibre inner

This inner is hypoallergenic so a good cost-efficient alternative if you are sensitive to natural fillers. Still soft and comfortable. 


Care instructions:

All our inners are dry-clean only. Plump up regularly for best look and feel.


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