This very simple table has exquisite details that make it look very elegant. The beautifully carved leg frames, slightly shaved at the inner edges, are holding a thick solid top with a very sophisticated joint. It looks sharp and glamorous.

The table is not extendable.


Two separate 50 cm leaves can be attached to the sides of the table.

This table can be made to order in a bespoke size. Please contact us to discuss.

Types of wood we use in the table.

All hardwood comes from deciduous trees that grow slowly and live up to 150-300 years. Because of the slow growth, the wood is much denser and stronger than softwood. Also as the trees are so long-lived they are naturally very resistant to mould, fungus and moisture.

The furniture made with hardwood is resilient and long-lived. We have all seen 500 year old oak desks in palaces of past kings and museums.

We wouldn’t want to sacrifice beautiful oak for any everyday items, but a dining table is one of the most important pieces in all homes, the heart that has to be strong and beautiful to be there for those children of ours growing up, for those life changes and tears of joy. 

We make our tables to last lifetimes. If you take care of your table there is a good chance it is the only table you will ever have.  We go for a simple design to make sure it remains timeless. The wood is oiled with natural oils so even if you break our hearts and get rid of it in the remote future, it does not create toxic waste, it is completely neutral to the environment. We also make sure that our wood is responsibly sourced from FSC certified sources.


Beech sample (208mm x 148mm)


Ash sample (208mm x 148mm)


Oak sample (208mm x 148mm)


Walnut (European) sample (208mm x 148mm)


Walnut (American) sample (208mm x 148mm)


Cherry (American) sample (208mm x 148mm)























How many people





Extending type

Drop leaf end

Drop leaf end

Drop leaf end

Drop leaf end

Looking for a different size?


No problem, this table can be made to order in a bespoke size. We regularly cooperate with interior architects and we can make a bespoke table. Please contact us to discuss.


The legs of the table are detached for transport to allow for safe shipping and ease of access to your home. The legs will need to be assembled using the screws and instructions provided. It is recommended that the assembly is done by two people.

Extension mechanism we use in the table.

In Arc table, we use a mechanism we call 'Drop leaf end'.

It is as simple as attaching extra leaves to the ends of the table. There is a precisely engineered groove underneath the worktop to accommodate and safely secure attachments.


Please bear in mind that in this case, the extra leaves have to be stored away.

This mechanism is great because it enables enlarging 

the size of the tables that due to their structure or shape cannot be extendable.

Extra leaves have to be ordered with the table. It is not possible to order extra leaves separately and retrofit later.
Other tables in our range with this mechanism: Levit, Arc, YAY!.